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School Profile

Stratford High School held its 127th commencement on June 19, 2016. From that, we can easily deduce that this educational institution has been in existence for over a century. Two threads are interwoven throughout the school's fabric: tradition and pride.

Tradition. There are many traditions associated with Stratford High School, not the least of which are two of its publications, the Quill and the Red Devils' Advocate. The Quill, the students' literary magazine, and the Red Devils' Advocate , the student newspaper, have been a part of the school since its inception.

Pride. A sterling example has been class several reunion groups that have taken a tour of the building to relive their good times and memories.  These alumni who attended these tours spoke of their alma mater with pride and marveled at the changes which had occurred since they were here last.

Much, much more could be said relative to all that is good about this institution.  We will strive to maintain our traditions and to be a continued source of pride for our alumni and our community.


John Dellapiano, Principal
Joseph Crapanzano, Assistant Principal
Heather Borges, Assistant Principal
Anthony DeAngelo, Assistant Principal

School Counselors

Alyce Borgersen, Counselor
Amy Connelly, Counselor
Dawn DiDonato, Counselor
Lauren Martinez, Counselor
Patricia Morrissey, Counselor


The town of Stratford, population 50,000, is both a residential and diversified industrial community with a broad range of economic groups. Stratford is located east of Bridgeport Connecticut in Fairfield County, 55 miles from New York City, 5 miles south of the Merritt Parkway, Exit 53, mile north of the Connecticut Turnpike, Interstate 95.


Stratford High School is a four-year comprehensive school with an enrollment of 985 students and a teaching faculty of 75. The average class size is 32 with class periods of 45 minutes, 5 times a week for 40 weeks. The CEEB code is 070755. Accreditation is with the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Connecticut State Department of Education.

Laboratory sciences: Chemistry and Physics have two 88 minute lab periods weekly. Biology is five periods weekly which includes lab work. 

Marking System

Above Average

A+ 97 - 100
B+ 87 - 89
C+ 77 - 79
D+ 67 - 69
F 50 - 64

A 93 - 96
B 83 - 86
C 73 - 76
D 65 - 66

A- 90 - 92
B- 80 - 82
C- 70 - 72


Withdrawn Pass
Withdrawn Fail


No Credit-Loss Credit

First Honors 89.5 average / Second Honors 85.5 average

Advanced Schooling, Class of 2016

Four-year college  50%            Other programs  17%
Two-year college  33%            Total advanced schooling  83%

Ability Grouping

Students are grouped by levels in English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science courses as follows:

  • Advanced Placement: Indicates that the subject may prepare students for CEEB Advanced Placement examination and credit.
  • Honors: Indicates exceptional ability. Students are selected on the basis of ability and previous achievement.
    Subjects emphasize research, independent projects, and in-depth study.
  • Level 1: Indicates strong evidence of high ability and achievement.
  • Level 2: Indicates average ability and/or achievement.

Grade Point Average and Class Rank

Stratford High School uses a Quality Point Ratio to weigh student grades. This allows the class rank to be reflective of course difficulty as well as student grades. The Grade Point Average (GPA) listed on the student transcript is based on a non-weighted scale of 4.3 to zero. Valedictorian and salutatorian status is determined by seven semesters of accumulated grades

Graduation Requirements

Twenty-one units must be earned for grades 9-12 and must include a minimum program of 4 units of English, 2 units of Science, 3 units of Mathematics, 3 units of Social Studies, .50 of Personal Finance (starting with the Class of 2019), 1 unit of Art or Career & Tech Ed, 1.5 units of Health and Physical Education and 6 units of Electives.

In addition to completing the above requirements, students must achieve satisfactory achievement on the District CAPT performance standard.